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by Gigi Shepherd on Sitting Transmission

The Sitting Transmission experience with Lauren is really beyond words. The closest words that come to mind are: comfort, joy, bliss, serenity, clarity and LOVE. I have always considered myself to be a spiritual person. I meditate every morning, and I feel a strong connection with God. Being at the Sitting Transmission brought my spiritual awareness to a new level. I felt the presence of my mother, my father, my aunts, my cousin , my dogs and my cat who have already crossed the veil. The abundance of love that I felt from each one of them was so tangible, and delightful that I had tears of joy streaming down my cheeks during most of the session. At first, I felt all of my loved ones at once. I could actually feel the concept that "we are all as one" first hand. I then experienced a clear communication from each loved one. Through energy, rather than words, each loved one was able to convey that I am cared for, and that I am safe to let go of any fears. My father was able to communicate an enormous love and gratitude for my caring for my mother after his passing. My mother was able to express her well being and her eternal love for me. They both held me tight in their wings of love. My cousin was able to express freedom and love with such enthusiasm that I had to remember to breathe in order to keep myself in my physical body. My aunt was able to express forgiveness for some of our arguments in life. She made it clear to me that the only thing that matters or will ever be remembered is the love. My animals, who were the masters of unconditional love, assured me that the love never dies. I understand now that this love is always available! This experience will forever change the way that I live my life. I am free to live without fear. I am free to see the love in all people and in all experiences. I love you Lauren for this gift. This is clearly your calling, and I can see what pleasure it gives you to help people find the light and the love that is available to us all. God bless you.

by Priti shah on Sitting Transmission

Thank you Lauren for such a beautiful experience at the Cosmic Reunion Conference. I felt so much love, light, and bliss. I felt so nourished and cared for. I saw so much bright light around your face and hands. The music added to the elevated experience. I felt so much energy flowing, thank you for being a part of my life.
Bless you, pray for you, shakti to continue your healing.

by Mandy Officer on Sitting Transmission

Doing the Sitting Transmission with Lauren was such a beautiful, deeply healing experience. The energies she called in were so light and nurturing. At one point, I could feel Mother Mary on my left and Jesus on my right. Then I saw this bright angelic light hovering above me, and I felt Mother Mary blanket me in love. It was such a profound experience. I had so much emotion released through a deep cry. I felt so supported through the process, and Lauren's sweet energy was so soothing. I'm so thankful I got the chance to do this Sitting Transmission with her.

by Miriam Mizrahi on Sitting Transmission

Hello my name is Miriam Mizrahi and I have been to several of these Sitting Transmissions now and all I can say is WOW. There is so much for me to share so many amazing things that I have been shown. I would not be able to write it all here. I would like to share that I am Jewish and I am anchored in my faith and religion so what I am about to say for me was the biggest surprise and yes shock for me because I had no previous exposure or experience to what I can say now must be aspects of God.

I met Mother Mary and she spoke to me, touched me and literally cradled my face. When I asked her what she is here for she said love and light my dear, love and light.
She gave me all kinds of messages it was truly a blessing and so loving and it has repetitively happened her appearing.

Then yet again I was astonished at another Sitting Jesus Christ showed up clearer than day appearing right over Laurens left shoulder as if he were standing just above her and behind her his hands were laid upon her.

The love and beauty that is available for all of us is so special. The light and healing that comes from these Sittings are nothing short of a miracle. I was shown that we are truly one it dose not matter what religion, faith, color, or prospective you hold. WE are all one. That was also another incredible sight and felling that was shown to us.

I continue to go and each time I feel more love, more peace and more information unfolds.

Lauren thank you for this experience and your commitment to holding the light for each of us. Your name Lauren means spirit and you shine so bright.
We are truly blessed to have you and this miraculous experience brought through you to us. Thank you. Miriam Mizrahi.

by Sapatsanun Chitrakul on Sitting Transmission

"I went to join “Sitting Transmission: Raising Your Vibration and Fine Tuning Your Frequencies” today Amazing! It was such an amazing experience. I felt so calm and peaceful. I have never had this kind of feelings before. I joined the sitting transmission once before but the second time was so much stronger. I felt someone touching my face and arms ( not human ). I felt the strong energy came to me and tried to lift me up. I felt so peaceful and connected to angels and my inner self. I had tangible feelings that angels were all around me and that they will always be there for me. It filled my heart with joy and peace. It is so wonderful to be able to connect with angels and my inner peace once again. Thank you Lauren Amber Serna - Transformational Healing for creating this meetup. You are such a wonderful person. I really enjoy being around you." Sapatsanun Chitrakul

by Jeff Krantz on Sitting Transmission

I have been to many of the Sittings. It has been very peaceful and refreshing though I usually fall asleep and don't get to see all the miraculous things everyone else reports of their experience. But the last two times I did. I saw Mother Mary and a squishy face of what I believe was Mother Teresa figures transposed in front of Lauren's face. I was quite surprised because I am not one that ever gets to see things like others do. I guess I am opening up further thank you for this experience. I will keep coming to see what else I can see.

by Christine Gyulasaryan on Sitting Transmission

Loving, sweet, delightful! I felt like things were being taken out of me. There was a tornado of light in the middle of the room connecting all of us. My body was moving and swaying. I felt a bright light working on my soul. Thank you Lauren.

by David Farman on Sitting Transmission

I had a wonderful experience. Five Seraphinas stood above the room sending healing energies. At some point I was immersed in golden white light. I felt like it helped with the healing of something that was going on with me on a physical level. I was given messages. Thank you with love, David.

by Bob Elias on Sitting Transmission

This was such a peaceful, spiritual experience, lots of love. I felt my spiritual side upgraded with more love and messages to continue a path of giving and making this a better world and spreading love. Since I've been there, people have noticed that I am a lot more calm. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Bob

by Elizabeth Keesey on Sitting Transmission

Hi Lauren,

I really enjoyed the Sitting Transmission the other night. It was truly healing and very enlightening. Although I can't seem to remember some of the messages I received, I do remember some of the images I saw and one of the most wonderful image was from Mother Mary and my Grandmother.

My Grandmother was a very true devotee to Mother Mary and as she was transitioning last year about this time, I had the most wonderful experience with Mother Mary. Last year Mother Mary appeared to me in a meditation while I prayed for my Grandmother's comfort as she was in her death bed. Mother Mary asked me to ask my Aunt at the time with her to place her hand over my Grandmother's heart and that she would comfort her. As soon as my Aunt did that the room felt full of light and my Grandmother relaxed and fell asleep comfortably. Well, the other day in your meditation I felt that overwhelming love of Mother Mary as she appeared very close to my face. She was in a hue of white and golden light and a soft pale face with lovely eyes and a sweet smile. She told me, "I bring a gift for you", and she moved away. Behind her was my Grandmother with a great smile. She kissed my face and my arms and faded away. I have been waiting to get in contact with my Grandmother since last year and un-fortunately I have not been able to see her in my dreams or in my meditations. However, I did see her in your transmission on Thursday! The transmission has left me once again vibrating, not as strong as last time but I have been able to see things a bit clearer and my meditations have been very "vivid". I feel as if my third eye has opened up a bit more!

Please let me know when you are having the next one. I love the energy and the healing that I feel with the transmission. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is truly a gift! You gave me the greatest gift this Christmas! Love ya and hope to see you soon...

Bright Angel Blessings...

by Taly Paz on Sitting Transmission

This is my first time experience, and I felt like a white fabric of light was going down and in a spiral of wind it was going all around and then back up again. It was very special. I feel like I have more energy. I also got a message. Thank you this was very special. I would like to come back.

This is my 3rd sitting experience. It was lovely, soft, and amazing. I feel so much lighter in my body. A large golden Buddha appeared and gold flakes showered down on me then my entire body became filled with golden light. There was a golden mist falling into my clear body. I had a sense of deep peace. It felt like I was swaying in the wind. And I was told that i had a smile on my face and it looked like I was swaying in the wind. Thank you for this lovely experience cant wait for the next one.

by Rachel Secler on Sitting Transmission

I had an amazing experience at this meditation and Sitting Transmission group!

by Gesenia Walker on Sitting Transmission

I have not had a chance to write about the wonderful experience that I had at this meet up up until now! It was such a beautiful amazing experience not to mention connecting with everyone there... Thank you Lauren for that night... "Absolutely beautiful" I will Definitely be back:)

This was amazing!! I would love to attend another transmission meditation circle. I could actually feel as if I was being attuned to each transmission and elevated. The energy was amazing and I spent the following 3 days with the wonderful vibrational energy. Lauren has an amazing and lovely energy! Great group! Liz

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