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“Joy Peace and Love Is Yours For The Asking”

Your facilitator Lauren has over 25 years experience as a Healer, Intuitive and Way Shower. She has lived 15 years abroad and is known as a healer to the healers. She is happy to answer any questions you may have about Healing, Dis-ease, Health, Ascension and Living Life in Today’s World.

Healings can be In-Person and also done distantly which is simply called Distance Healings. Distant Healings are just as effective and they can be done over the Phone or Internet.

The Same applies to the Spiritual Counseling and Coaching (In-Person or Distance)

Guidance, insite and Support are given for questions related to Business, Relationships, Your Life Purpose, Goal Setting, Action Planning and any issues troubling and clouding your mind, health, or heart.  Below are just a few examples of subjects that can be addressed in session

  • Dealing with and managing Grief and Heartache over breakups and divorce
  • Support for loss of a loved one, including our beloved pets
  • Dealing with Prognosis to a Life Threatening Illness 
  • Aura and Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Addiction Behavior  
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief 
  • Low Self Esteem and Depression
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Motivation and Inspirational Coaching
  • Clearing Energy Blocks keeping you from your goals and desires 
  • Sexuality, Self Identity, and Abuse
  • Tools for Reprogramming Old Mind Sets and much more

Lauren offers several types of sessions and is trained and certified in each category. See below under Certifications  

Email or make a free phone consultation to discuss which type of session / modality you may be more attracted to and or may be better suited for your particular situation.

A very Important point 

All of the healing modalities and channeled work Lauren dose is Transformational so there are no wrong choices as each modality in its nature brings in clearing and healing. 

Packages are also available making it easier to experience a combination of therapies.          

For a private consultation, pricing and session availability call 818 623-6400  Lauren or her assistant John will return your call. 

                            Types Of Sessions Available                         

  • Spiritual Counseling with (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique 
  • IET Integrated Energy Therapy (Angelic DNA Healing)
  • Reiki with Crystals, Color Therapy and Aroma Therapy
  • Private Sound Therapy/Sound Bath: (Frequency 4 Love Healing)
  • Divine Light Transmission & Mediumship
  • Voice Analysis, Interpretation, and Toning
  • Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression
  • Psych-K, Meditation, Breathwork 
  • Angel Card Readings with Spiritual Counseling
  • Shamanic Clearing, Cord Cutting & Attachments
  • Crystal Bed with Special Frequency Lights and Sacred Geometry

 Gift Certificates Are Also Available 

In Addition To The Sessions Above Lauren Offers

Private Home Parties, Special Events and Speaker Engagements 

Lauren Amber Serna is a Certified Master Teacher in Reiki®, Karuna Reiki®, IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, IET Integrated Energy Therapy®.

A Certified Hypnotherapist, Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

An Advanced EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist

A Certified Sound Therapy Instructor and Voice Analyst

Certified Crystal Healer

A Certified Angel Workshop Facilitator

Certified Pet/Animal Healer

A Certified Life Coach

A Certified ACIM Spiritual Counselor

And Ordained Minister

Lauren’s service is offered through the energy of Love to Facilitate Healings, Educate, Motivate, Inspire, Uplift, and Help you to Transform into your Best Happy Self.  Her motto is “Life’s A Feeling, Let It Be A Good One”  She loves helping and Educating clients and students alike to discover the world of energy and personal power. She feels that if one enters the world of energy and quantum physics a whole new way of understanding life and one’s self can take place. There are no problems to big or too small that the frequencies of love can not heal. Lauren empowers people to heal not only their body but to consider the whole process of body, mind, spirit and soul. Lauren offers private sessions and public workshops

“Joy Peace and Love Is Yours For The Asking”

Many Angel Blessings

For a private consultation, pricing and session availability call 818 623-6400 

If you would like to host an event in your area call 818 623-6400

 Lauren Amber Serna is an Ordained Minister

Conducting Blessings Ceremonies For Your

New Home, New Building and Remolded, New Business or Restructured 

Abundance Blessings For Several Types Of Ventures

Weddings, Renewing Vows, and Anniversaries 

New Arrivals, Babies and Adopted Children  

Celebration Of Life

Lauren’s Motto Is “Life’s a Feeling, Let It Be A Good One” www.IFeelGreat.Life

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