Mother Mary Shines Her Love on the crowds.

Mother Mother has been appearing, interacting and relaying messages to those that Sit in The Sitting Transmission. For myself and others it has been amazing. Her love is Transforming. Her energy at this time is a clear representation of The Divine Feminine in action.

Sitting Transmission is a way to know Spirit/God from a physical, spiritual and conscious experience. God is giving you a way to feel Gods presence as the love that it IS and to remember we are all One and really part of the One / Spirit / God.

Lauren Amber Serna is a channel for this very *High* *Light* *Love* *Frequency* *Source Experience*.¬† That she calls “God Love Frequencies” and “Source Experience.”

The Sitting Transmission is not a guided meditation, it is an experience given to you by Spirit. Meeting God is a REALITY and a Tangible Experience that you can have NOW.

We are shifting out of fear based existence and into a Love based reality. With that comes a whole host of questions for so many people. Being centered and knowing who you are in relationship to Spirit/God is one of the keys to this new paradigm shift.

Another facet of shifting into this new earth, new reality is letting go of old mindsets and emotional baggage. Opening up to your heart center, being able to love yourself and coming from and resting in your authentic self. Identifying with the divine being that you are is also a very important key component to the shift.

In the past finding God / Spirit was a life time of work on yourself either through religious studies or devout meditation. Either way something that seemed out of reach for the ordinary person, and not practiced by the majority. Now at this time in 2015 all you need is a willingness, for some a little outside help, a few tools and guidance and you can come to know God / Spirit and live and be in a state of love and peace all the time. The Sitting Transmission is one way that is here to help you achieve that if you so wish. Join us in Peace of mind.

The Sitting Transmission offers you a way to

Receive More Love

Raise your Vibrational Frequencies

Clear your Energetic Bodies

Experience Clarity and Peace that is your True Nature

Eliminate Mind Chatter

Open your 3rd Eye more fully and Activate your Intuition

Feel your connection to the Divine Source of all that IS


 Remember Who You Are

Private and Group Sitting Transmissions are available in your home and on your property. Please contact John for appointments 818 623-6400

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