From my understanding:

These Healing Energy Frequencies are a gift sent from the heavens to help humanity shift from fear to love and help the transition of a new earth and the enlightenment of the human race.

There seems to be a veil lifted and removed, and a wave of peace, clarity and Love like you may have never felt before that flows over, in and through your entire being. Leaving you in a state of bliss.

You will receive an attunement that will enable you to access this energy being transferred to you. It will give you a stronger connection to your spiritual self and to your Spirit/God/Oneness connection.

Your frequencies will be raised and your abilities to heal yourself and others will also be activated and highly boosted from what ever level you are presently at.

Your physical body and energetic bodies are infused with Divine Light. A cleansing and clearing of your present self receives a healing and a recalibration of your being. Many feel super charged with a new energy and new outlook towards life.

These are just some of the benefits you will receive, there are many many more.

The testimonial page is now in place for those that wish to comment on their experience.

I am channel of these healing frequencies. I have been in touch and channeling healing energy frequencies for most of my life. Though in early 2007 I had an extraordinary experience while sitting alone in my room. I received an attunement from what felt like God itself. I knelt on my knees and received a bright golden white light source that felt like the deepest most special  Love I had ever felt.  It was what you would expect heaven to feel like. I was in true bliss, no worries, no mind chatter, highly in tune with everything. From that moment on I could sit and meditate for hours at a time. I was on cloud nine. I was able to live totally in the present moment. I knew something miraculous had occurred. My connection with the Divine was solidified in my mind, and I could truly say without a doubt there is a God.


I received messages loud and clear from spirit that I would be attuning the masses and I soon received what I believe to be a sacred geometric symbol to attune with.

  • I spent three years meditating and taking classes and courses that I thought might give me some kind of validity and platform to speak from to be able to do what I was shown. I also needed time to build the inner courage to take on something of this magnitude.

I was not aware of the details of how things would unfold, though I knew I would be on stage using the gift I received for large audiences. As much as I like people and love to engage in spiritual conversation, I was still unsure what exactly I would be speaking about because God and healing are such broad subjects.

Through unexpected messages from channels, psychics, palm readers, and astrologers, I was given insight regarding my path. Though it was not until the last message in September 2011 that I got such a clear message that I had to finally act upon it. Hence, the website was created and now scheduled appearances are hosted at different venues.

I am a deeply spiritual person, though I never considered myself religious or followed any traditional religious path. However I felt deeply connected to God and I was very attracted to the eastern philosophies as a teenager.

Buddha Krishna bg2

It was no mistake that I found a wonderful teacher Robin Duncan in 2007. By witnessing her way of teaching and speaking it gave me the permission and a platform to speak openly about God and the Glory of Spirit within. It enhanced my subject matter for the Sitting Transmission Forums.

We are truly magnificent beings of light having a human experience. It is time to remember and feel what our authentic selves feel like. The human experience of lack and pain are illusions of this plane played out be each of us. Our soul has been waiting patiently to be acknowledged and remembered.

There has been a veil placed upon humanity. We now have an opportunity to lift it and become one with our true authentic selves and the Divine / God, if you so choose to call it that, I do. Of course any name you feel comfortable with to describe the Oneness is fine too.

Love, Joy, and Peace is our hearts true desire and you can live from that space in this time.

I invite you to come and sit with me. No previous meditation experience is necessary, just being able to sit and remain quiet for as long as you wish to bask in the Healing Energy Frequencies that fill the room and transmit to you.

A set donation will be asked for at each venue.

All is Love and Light.

Private and Group Sitting Transmissions are available in your home or office. Please contact Jeff for appointments 818 625-2178




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