Bringing Peace To Individuals For Personal Transformation And Global Change, With Peace On Earth As A Desired State For Future Generations 

People as myself “Light Workers” as we are affectionately called try to do our part for bring peace to others. I have been gifted with this ability to channel Divine Light my desire is to have as many people experience this Awakening Inner Peace Through The Divine Light Transmission as possible so they too can have personal transformation and heart awakening Thus leading to new avenues for global change.   

Much of humanity has experienced the loss of hope and faith. The Divine Light Transmission is one way to restore hope and faith through a persons own personal experience, connection, and enlightenment.

There are so many people suffering in our world today on so many levels. The availability to know God, know Love has some how been muddled up for many that I have come in contact with. 

From mine and others experiences of The Divine Light Transmission it can bring Light to where darkness is. and helps one to come to know and live in a state of peace, tranquility and clarity.

The reason I can say that there are many suffering is because my life has been in service to helping people. I have found that there are many people that do not have a connection with God, Spirit, Source the Oneness and they are left feeling hopeless, fearful, and empty.

Love, kindness, compassion, and Joy have always been our divine birthright. Pain and suffering on a physical, emotional and spiritual level can be relieved when one remembers their true identity and connection to Source. I have found that The Divine Light Transmission is one way to help bring people back to the original state from which they came. That is simply Pure Love.

I am not affiliated with any particular religion though from as early as I can remember I had a connection with God and that Source had a plan, a message, and a vision for my life. It was and still is to be a vehicle for Love

At some point my desire is to go to as many countries that would invite me to bring Awakening Inner Peace Through The Sitting Transmission to their area. To be of service and in front of as many people as possible to share this beautiful love, light and connection.

I would like to do small private Sitting Transmissions in countries that need help to resolve their differences between their leaderships. And then for the people effected by the conflicts.

To be invited by organizations that are serving people right here in the USA.

To have the Sitting Transmission held at spiritual, holy, and religious locations where large groups can gather.

The possibilities are endless <3

At this time The Sitting Transmission is held in Granada Hills and at different venues in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura area and in Arizona.

Private Sittings can be arranged in ones home or business for your guests and employees

If you know of a group or organization that could benefit from the Awakening Inner Peace Through The Sitting Transmission contact us and pass this along to them.

I am open for suggestions and help to spread the news that there is this gift called Awakening Inner Peace Through The Sitting Transmission. Also interested in ideas of how to bring together the necessary funds for larger venues. Suggestions and help on all levels are always welcomed!

Thank you for your support, your personal expansion and continued interest in making this a better world for yourself and all the rest of us. As I Am In You, And You Are In Me!

May the awareness of Gods Love shine on you every moment of every second.

Peace and Blessings  

Lauren Amber Serna




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