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Transforming & Healing Sound Bath Experiences

        Join Us For Group Sound Baths, Chakra Clearing                And Breathwork

 Setting Your Intentions For Manifesting Your Highest Good As                         We Release, Cleans, and Heal Together                          In A Safe Nurturing Space

 Lauren’s Sound Healing Sessions Are Designed To Facilitate 

Cleaning and Alignment of all your Chakras

 Clearing and Releasing of Past and Present Issues

Healing from Physical, Mental, and Emotional Pain

Activation of Psychic Centers: 3rd Eye, Heart, and Sacral

♥ Opening your Channels to the Divine Realms 

Awaken Joy, Love, Peace in your  Heart Mind, Body, and Frequency Fields 

♥ Many people have witnessed visitation from the Angelic kingdom and the Egyptian Realms during Lauren’s Sound Baths  

Some of  Lauren’s Sound Baths have Breathwork and Guided Visualization   Some are Infused with Lauren’s Special Blend of  Aroma Therapy

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You may want to try Lauren’s packages for Private Sound Healing Sessions

Make an appointment by phone 818 623-6400 or email her through her Meetup group in

Your facilitator Lauren Amber Serna creates a very special and unique Sound Bath Experience by bringing in her Voice,  Shamanic Roots and her Angelic Connections to Facilitate an Amazing Transformation for each participant!

Sound Healing alone can be a powerful tool to help ones system to move and release stagnant energy.

Lauren uses her training, intuitive senses and channeling abilities to create a unique experience, bringing in the elements of several different Energy Healing Modalities Visualization, Breath Work, Voice, Toning,  Instruments, Crystals, and Aroma Therapy.

♥ Lauren’s service is offered through the Energy of Love to Facilitate Healings, Educate, Motivate, Inspire, Uplift, and Help you Transform into your Best, Happy, Self ♥ She has Over 25 years experience born a Healer, Intuitive, and Way Shower. Spending Fifteen Years Living in Europe, Evidence Reveals the Frequency 4 Awakening and Love Heals & Transmutes ♥

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Sound Bath, Breathwork, Replenish Healing Event

Saturday, Jan 19, 2019, 5:00 PM

Meraki BJJ
11677 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA

7 Spiritual Seekers Went

Join us for a uniquely curated healing experience of… * dynamic floor work * breath-work * sound bath healing * fun and community Serving refreshments and healthy snacks What to expect… This 3.5 hour work-shop + healing event is curated by founder and Transformational Coach Sarah Vasquez. Sarah is also the founder of a…

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A List Of Some Of The Benefits From Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an effective healing tool that can help assist people with a wide range of physical, emotional, psychological and medical ailments including: High blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, insomnia, alcoholism, drug addiction, headaches, lower back pain, arthritis, family discord and violence, depression, anxiety, tumors, cancer, gastro intestinal disorders and several more documented ailments not listed here.

Sound Healing has zero negative side effects. Its also ideal for quick relief from pain and stressful life style.

Sound Healing can effectively dissolve physical, mental, and emotional blockages and one can overcome daily stress, fear, and depression.

Sound Healing is not just for when one is having a dis-ease in the body   Very healthy people also derive great benefits from Sound Baths; higher levels of energy, clarity, spontaneous answers and visions to life purpose awareness.  Relief of troubling thoughts and or heartache. Over whelming sense of peace and calm along with better sleep.

With regular sessions most people experience an increase in zest for life and an increase in creativity along with all the documented health benefits.

Lauren is a Certified Sound Therapy Instructor and Practitioner using an array of instruments, healing modalities, and voice, to help clients move through a broad range of issues.

Information On Your Facilitator Lauren Amber Serna CHt.

And Other Sevices She Provides

A Certified Master Teacher in Reiki®, Karuna Reiki®, IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, IET Integrated Energy Therapy®

A Certified Sound Therapy Instructor and Voice Analyst

A Certified Life Coach and Advanced EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist

A Certified Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

A Certified ACIM Spiritual Counselor and Ordained Minister

A Certified Crystal Healer

A Certified Theta Healer

A Certified Angel Workshop Facilitator

A Certified Lemurian Swords of Light Practitioner

A Certified Animal Healer in both Animal Reiki and IET

Introducing Gerald Conway 

Gerald Conway is a Professional Musician using Frequency for live events and studio recordings. He has incorporated his music into the Sound Lounge and Sub Packs for private sessions and events resulting in therapeutic benefits

He creates personalized healing CD’s for You, your Loved Ones, your Hypnosis and Coaching Business, and Meditation and Healing Practice. Arrangements for   Special Occasion Music Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.

Gerald Conway Is one of the proprietors of a Spiritual Events Center in the San Fernando Valley affectionately called The Buddha Den. The location is rented out for workshops, classes, special events, movie showings and location filming.

 Tools for Ascension At Our Granada Hills Location 

♥ Sound Therapy CDs

Selenite Crystal Swords with the Energies of the 5th ♥ Dimensional Light ♥

♥ High Energy Infused Crystals and Jewelry ♥

♥ Dowsing Rods ♥

♥ Singing Bowls ♥

Lumerian Crystals ♥  Herkimer Diamonds Celestite Rutilated Quartz Crystals ♥ Healing Sprays

and Much More

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