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 No Fairs Scheduled Presently 

In the mean time you may want to schedule a Private Session please visit tab Reading & Healing Sessions

Three Types Of Healing Sessions Available At The Fairs
1. Private Sound Bath and Soul Song for Nurturing, Attuning and Amplifying
2. Lumerian Swords of Light  Cutting Cords and Cleaning the Aura
3. IET Chair Sessions with Angel Messages Empowering 9 Cellular Memory Areas of the Body


All Three Types Of Sessions Are Designed To Facilitate one or more of these
Cleansing and Alignment of all your Chakras
Clearing and Releasing of Past and Present Issues
Healing from Physical, Mental, and Emotional Pain
Activation of Psychic Centers: 3rd Eye, Heart, and Sacral
♥ Opening your Channels to the Divine Realms
♥ Awaken Joy, Love, Peace in your Mind, Body, and Frequency Fields

Sign up in advance by Phone 818 623-6400 or Online Through Meetup Link below
1st session 10:30am   Last session 4:30pm Leave your desired time slot request with your name and call back number. You may choose the type of session at the booth. If you are unable to book ahead drop by the booth early and see me or my assistant  for sign up availability.

At the booth we have several treasures all the crystals have been energized with Divine Light Energy and Sedona Vortex Energy! Come and feel them, take some home and give some as gifts.At Our Booth We Have Tools for Ascension
♥ Sound Therapy CDs
Selenite Crystal Swords with the Energies of the 5th♥ Dimensional Light ♥
♥ High Energy Infused Crystals and Jewelry ♥
♥ Dowsing Rods ♥
♥ Singing Bowls ♥
Lumerian Crystals ♥  Herkimer Diamonds ♥ Celestite Rutilated Quartz Crystals just to name a few ♥ Healing Sprays and Much More

Information On Your Facilitator

Lauren Amber Serna CHt.

During Your Private Soul Sound Bath

Your facilitator Lauren Amber Serna brings in her Voice and Shamanic Roots along with her Angelic Connections to Facilitate an Amazing Transformation for each participant. Sound Healing alone can be a powerful tool to help ones system to move and release stagnant energy. Lauren uses her training, intuitive senses and channeling abilities to create a unique experience, bringing in the elements of several different Healing Modalities, Voice, Toning, Instruments, Meditation, Crystals, and Aroma Therapy.

♥ Lauren’s Service Is Offered Through The Energy of Love to Facilitate Healings, Educate, Motivate, Inspire, Uplift, and Help you Transform into your Best, Happy, Self. She has Over 25 years experience born a Healer, Intuitive, and Way Shower. Spending Fifteen Years Living in Europe, Evidence Reveals the Frequency 4 Awakening Heals & Transmutes

Lauren Amber Serna is A Certified Master Teacher in Reiki®, Karuna Reiki®, IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, IET Integrated Energy Therapy®.
A Certified Sound Therapy Instructor and Voice Analyst
A Certified Life Coach and Advanced EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist.
A Certified Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
A Certified ACIM Spiritual Counselor and Ordained Minister
A Certified Crystal Healer
A Certified Angel Workshop Facilitator.
A Certified Lumerian Swords of Light Practitioner.
A Certified Animal Healer in both Animal Reiki and IET Pet Healings

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