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A Very Special Event of Healing And Ascension
Awakening Inner Peace Through The Divine Light Transmission

The Divine Light of the Oneness along with Angels, Spirit Guides and Light Beings show up for you and your Healing on a Physical, Mental, and Spiritual level.
Through a very Tangible Light you are worked on at a very deep level, messages can be revealed and prayers answered
Your body is fine tuned and upgraded so you may easily receive and feel the Love of the Oneness which Lauren likes to call “God Love Frequency” and “Source Experience”

Healings Can Occur On Multidimensional Levels For The Entire Group
There is a Clearing and Re-calibration of your Energetic Bodies    

 Attunements and Downloads with New Coding For Your Cells and DNA
An Awakening Of Your Heart Charka and Realignment of all the Chakras
A Very Special 3rd Eye Activation
Physical Pain Relief and Stress Reduction
Peace of Mind, Clarity, and Reduced Mind Chatter
For some participants, physical sightings of Ascended Masters appear
Departed Loved Ones often come through with messages of love and reassurance and some people are shown messages through a flood of pictorials, please bring a notebook

So many beautiful experiences can come from and through this Light Experience!            One of the strong dominant messages I Lauren received was to share this gift/ability to help others to Awaken To The Truth That We Are One With God As Our Source, We Are Not Alone And That Love Can Transform Anything.

In saying that I would also like to share I am not a religious person I was not brought up with religion as a main focal point in my home or through family tradition. I am not hear to push God on anyone. I  personally can use the word God because I have had many distinctive and direct experiences with God and the Angelic Kingdom. I am simply here to share the connections and gifts I have received

whether you believe in a Divine Source, a God, it dose not seem to impede the healing benefits that still shine through. You are not judged for your beliefs/ non beliefs and or religion. I make no claims that you will experience God or your pasted on loved ones. 

In 2007 I had a profound experience with the Oneness/God and I was shown this Gift Of Light is an Awakening to that Oneness. A tangible way for those that may not yet have had a personal experience so they may come to know it for themselves. I am here to share the love I received, to demystify the identity we are separate from the Oneness/God. The rest of the things that you may receive when you experience the Light are boundless and a cherry on top.

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  In the beginning of the workshop your facilitator Lauren talks about the process of Ascension and Healing. She shares tools and ideas that you can use to help yourself along your own life’s Ascension and Healing Journey. Depending on the location and length of this workshop there may be exercises for the participants to engage in that help release pain, fear, sadness and many issues concerning the participants. Then the group will move into what Lauren calls Awakening Inner Peace through The Divine Light Transmission Experience

Topics are geared around what questions come up from the group. There are also questions you receive when you sign up through the meetup link. If you sign up that way please take a moment to fill them out before you come.

We ask that you bring pen and paper, and dress in layers in case you get cold. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumed cologne as smell can get heightened in these sessions and the Ascended Masters and loved ones sometimes bring in their own scents.

Depending On The Venue

 We offer items that hold The Frequency of The Divine Light Transmission

Such as Ascension Sprays, Pendents, and Special Crystals

This is a Healing and Ascension Workshop, Lauren invites questions about healing, God, spirituality, health, as it relates to living a fuller more joyous life.

“After the session with Lauren I felt like I had a renewal of my spiritual side upgraded. I had a new perspective on life and my heart was busting with joy!” Gigi Shepherd

We invite you to check out some of the other pages in this website and the testimonial pages.

If you would like to host an event in your home or area please leave a message at 818 623-6400

If you have received a flyer or where told this event is happening in your area and you have questions call 818 623-6400 for details. Thank you

Divine Light Transmission

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016, 7:00 PM

Center for Spiritual Living
4845 Dunsmore Avenue La Crescenta, CA

10 Spiritual Seekers Went

A Special Night At The Center For Spiritual Living In La Crescenta, near Burbank, Granada Hills, really not that far from anywhere in the Valley :)Who should attend? Anyone wanting to bring more Joy and Peace of mind into their lives!Anyone who may be going though a rough time and are experiencing any of these types of emotions: worried, confused…

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