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Sitting Transmission

What the heck is it? Wow that is a loaded question so here is my best attempt to share with you a little bit. Though it is best for you to experience it for yourself…

The sitting is not a guided meditation it is an experience given to you by Spirit for you to come to know Spirit / God either for the first time or to have an elevated tangible experience in a way that you may not of ever had before.

When I first came to have this experience in 2007 I met God through a Light and Love that was and still is the most beautiful experience I have ever known. I was left knowing without a doubt that there was/is a God. I was given this connection to help others come to know and experience it as well.

Through many sittings now I have come to witness not only one supreme source is revealing/introducing its self. Other Masters such as Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, and more are appearing to those that sit.

My body is being used as a channel for this very *High* *Light* *Love* *Frequency* *Source experience*. I am not speaking as me or as a channeled being in fact I am silent through out the Sitting Transmission.

Messages can be received through your experience. You may ask for something or you may just be shown through the Sitting there are no set guide lines.

Another wonderful experience that seems to be happening during these Sittings is people have been in contact with their deceased relatives, which of course also goes to show that we as spirit never die and it is possible to connect to the other side.

I will conduct a short guided meditation for opening of the Heart Center before we begin the Sitting Transmission. This is only for the purpose of helping to ease any chattering minds and relax the body in preparation for the Sitting.

The Sitting Transmission can take anywhere from 45mins to an hour please make sure you allow yourself that window of uninterrupted time. There will be pleasant music played during the Sitting time.

Do not worry if you never sat that long you will be able to.

People who have never meditated before can’t believe that they too sat as long as they did with out noticing the time.

I have received this gift to pass on to you from spirit and now am able to share it with you.

It is an opportunity for you to know Spirit in a tangible way.

Through my understanding Spirit / God has said this is a way to come to know me and to understand me from a physical, spiritual and conscious experience. God is giving us a way to feel Gods presence as the love that IT is and to remember we are all One and really part of the One / Spirit / God.

I have also been shown that sitting in these Healing Energy Frequencies that the blocks in the auric field and energy bodies will be cleansed along with karma cleared and your frequencies will be fine tuned and raised. A veil of sorts will be lifted from you and a new understanding will start to shift your understanding of what is and who you are in connection with Spirit / God.

There are many experiences that can take place during your time Sitting in the Healing Energy Frequencies which I like to call God Love Frequencies. There are already some people’s experiences expressed on the next pages. I invite you to also share your experience. Please note that not everyone on their first Sitting has the most profound life changing experience. Though you are fine tuned at each Sitting and through that attunment it enables you to receive more Light, Love and Information each time you come.

I invite you to come and sit with me. No previous meditation experience is necessary, just being able to sit and remain quiet for as long as you wish to bask in the Healing Energy Frequencies that fill the room, transmit to and through you.

As I mentioned above even if you have never meditated before, time will fly by and you will be able to sit with us.

Please do not wear perfume and please take cough suppressants or come when you are not coughing as not to disturb others.

It is with the greatest pleasure, honor, and gratitude that I am able to offer and be a vehicle for this Love and Light!

Peace and Blessings with Love

See next page called More About.

Lauren Amber Serna

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